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Joey Coates, five, looks through binoculars during a static display at Sears Holdings May 13. The event was part of Marine Week Chicago, which will hold events throughout the Chicago area until Sunday. At the static display Coates and all who attended were able to look through an array of weapons and climb into vehicles used by Marines. They also witnessed an Osprey land and take off from a field at the site.

Photo by Cpl Erik Villagran

Marine receives rare opportunity

13 May 2009 | Cpl. Erik Villagran

Lance Cpl. Sean R. Padfield, hardly ever gets the chance to show his family what he does in the Marine Corps. With Marine Week Chicago in full swing he’s taking advantage of the opportunity, including a static display at Sears Holdings today.

Marine Week Chicago is a week-long Marine Corps-sponsored event, which is currently underway with events scheduled through Sunday.

Padfield, a rifleman with the Chicago-based 2nd Battalion, 24th Marine Regiment, volunteered to participate in Marine Week Chicago to give back to his community and showcase the Marine Corps.

“The idea behind Marine Week is great,” said Padfield, 23, from Zion, Ill. “It’s a good chance to show the people we’re not just warriors and to give back to the community.”

During Marine Week, Marines belonging to 2nd Bn., 24th Marines and other units, in an effort to help the community have been involved in cleaning up parks, providing vehicles at events and handing out and serving food to those in need within the Chicago area.

Families of the battalion have followed the Marines’ efforts and seem pleased with their Marines’ contributions.

“I’m incredibly proud of what my son is doing,” said David Padfield, Sean’s father. “I don’t think they get the credit they deserve. I wish every American taxpayer could see the quality of material the Marines work with. They’re getting their money’s worth.”

The materials Marines use to accomplish their mission have also been displayed during Marine Week Chicago. Many of the vehicles and the equipment Marines use have been showcased throughout the week at various locations. At these events both children and adults were found walking through the vehicles and handling an assortment of weapons.

“These events will answer a lot of questions for people,” said Sgt. James Guerra, 35, the scout sniper platoon sergeant for 2nd Bn., 24th Marines. “You can tell someone what a job is in the Marine Corps, but to actually see it in person is a different experience.”

Sean is hoping that brining his parents to an event will help them understand what he does in the Marine Corps.

“Sunday my family is coming out to the show in Arlington Park,” Sean said. “It’s going to be first chance for them to see what I do and what I used in Iraq.”

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