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Lance Cpl. Bryant Tune, 23, a heavyweight boxer for the Marine Corps Boxing Team, talks to kids at Proviso West High School during Marine Week Chicago. Tune, from Nathalie, Va., and two other members of the Marine Corps Boxing Team led students through various boxing exercises. The event was on of many for the boxing team during Marine Week Chicago.

Photo by Cpl Erik Villagran

Marine Corps Boxing Team schools Marines

12 May 2009 | Cpl. Erik Villagran

Desmond Marion may have found a reason to join the Marine Corps, thanks in part to Marine Week Chicago.

Marion, a 17-year-old senior at Proviso West High School, and other scholars from  Proviso West were treated to a boxing clinic courtesy of the Marine Corps Boxing Team May 12 as part of Marine Week Chicago.

“We don’t get opportunities like this, so I was happy the school allowed it,” said Sgt. Faisal S. Mahmood, a 28-year-old recruiter from Houston. “It shows all the kids here that there is more to the Marine Corps than just bullets and explosions.”

The Marines lectured the students on the different opportunities available to them through the Marine Corps and then had them participate in boxing exercises.

“We took them through the fundamental techniques in boxing,” said Sgt. Todd M. Dekinderen, a 24-year-old boxer from Detroit. “We showed them our daily routine and what Marine Corps boxing is about.”

The boxers set up three stations where they provided first-hand look at the training needed for boxing. Dekinderen covered exercises with a jump rope at one station. Lance Cpl. Tommy G. Roque, 19-year-old boxer from Dunkirk, N.Y., showcased defensive techniques to the kids. He instructed them on how to slip, roll and catch punches. Lance Cpl. Bryant Tune, a 23-year-old boxer from Nathalie, Va., taught them how to properly throw a punch and combinations.

As the students jump roped, shadow boxed and threw combinations they seemed impressed with the training it takes to be a boxer.

“The boxing lessons they gave us were interesting,” Marion said. “I enjoyed hitting the boxing mitts. They were teaching me things I didn’t know.”

After teaching the kids a thing or two about boxing the Marines displayed their skills against each other.  Dekinderen and Roque put on their protective gear and sparred for the students to leave a lasting impression.

“Finding out the Marines had a boxing team makes me think they have everything,” Marion said. “It keeps people out of trouble and makes me want to get in and try out.”

Members of the Marine Boxing Team are scheduled for more events throughout the week.

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