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Sgt. James White, combat marksmanship instructor, from Weapons Training Battallion in Quantico, Va., explains to Chicago police officers how Marines properly engage targets during a tactical and pistol marksmanship training exercise at the Chicago Police Education and Training Academy.

Photo by Pfc. Lucas Vega

Marines trade marksmanship tactics with Chicago Police Department

12 May 2009 | Pfc. Lucas Vega

Marine combat marksmanship instructors from Weapons Training Battalion in Quantico, Va., trained with city police officers in tactical and pistol marksmanship at the Chicago Police Education and Training Academy here Tuesday.

Sgt. James White, a combat marksmanship instructor, led the veteran police officers through numerous pistol marksmanship exercises including one handed shooting, firing on the move, manipulations and vehicle bailout drills using Airsoft guns.

White, who also teaches tactical marksmanship with rifles and shotguns, worked with approximately 10 members of the department during the training exercise.

“They are all very skilled,” said White about the trainees. “ They already have a great amount of knowledge about pistol marksmanship and the training they receive from the academy almost mirrors what we (Marines) teach.”

Many of the policeman who received the training are prior-service, from the Army,  Navy and a few from the Marines.

Former Marine Sgt. Jorge Heredia, spent more than eight years as a rifleman while in the Corps. After his service, Heredia fulfilled his dream of becoming a police officer in the city he grew up in.

“Being a law enforcement officer is something I wanted to do before I joined the Marine Corps. The Marines coming out and teaching us is a good refresher for all the veteran officers,” said Heredia, who also served as a ground training chief for Marine Aircraft Group 11 in Miramar, Calif., prior to getting out in 1998.

Heredia has served his country “out and about” and here locally, both from his eight-plus years experience in the Corps and during his present nine and a half years as a law enforcement officer. 

“I miss the Marine Corps,” Heredia added while mentioning  the Marine Corps chose a good, “pro-military city,” to host Marine Week in, “but I enjoy what I do now.”

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